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Spiced Rum Solid Cologne

Spiced Rum Solid Cologne

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Our solid colognes are designed to be intimate and personal, meant to be smelled by you and whoever you want rubbing up against you. Don't carry on the misguided notions from high school, when spraying a mist of unidentifiable chemicals around yourself is more reminiscent of a banned form of warfare and not anything remotely attractive. Discreet and natural.

Crafted for the classic gentleman, our Spiced Rum Solid Cologne contains West Indies bay leaf, spices and Jamaican rum, giving this cologne a distinctive woody, sweet and spicy scent.  It's pure simple ingredients of organic tallow, unrefined coconut oil and local beeswax will also nourish your skin.

Generous 30 gram tin with secure screw lid

Directions for use:  To apply, first use your finger to shave a small amount from the tin. Warm it between your finger and thumb, then dab it on pulse points—on the wrists and neck, and behind the ears. The waxes and oils double as moisturizers, so rub any excess through your hair or beard, or onto the skin.

We handcraft our products in small batches using ingredients that are beneficial for you and the environment, we aim to source all of our ingredients ethically, organic and/or wild crafted whenever possible.  We never use artificial scents, chemicals or preservatives. 
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