Shave Bowl - Sand and Chestnut Glaze

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These are for sale at Tourism Kelowna

A shaving bowl is one of the old-school implements for a perfect wet shave experience. This bowl is perfect for whipping up a shaving soap bar into a rich lather with a shaving brush before you apply it to your face. 

Our collection was designed and crafted for us by Candace who owns Kiln 9 Ceramics in Kelowna, B.C. 

Each bowl is crafted to the highest quality and will ensure a luxurious shaving experience. 

  • Will fit a 2.5 inch diameter shave puck 
  • Larger soap pucks can be shaved on the sides to fit the mug.
  • Excess shavings should be left in the mug for use
  • One of a kind