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Pawsitive Relief Dog Balm

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Soothing pet paw and nose balm chock full of amazing herbs, healing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oils and soothing organic butters.  Together, these ingredients create a protective barrier against further cracking.  This paw salve will quickly heal dry, cut, scratched and inflamed paws, skin or noses and bring swift relief to your pooches paunches.  This balm is very gently and REALLY works plus it comes in a generous 100g tin that will last for ages and keep your best friend happy to go on those outdoor adventures with you. 

 Apply to affected areas two to three times per day until healed.  


We handcraft our products in small batches using ingredients that are beneficial for you and the environment, we aim to source all of our ingredients ethically, organic and/or wild crafted whenever possible.  We never use artificial scents, chemicals or preservatives.