Citrus Mojito - 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar for Beards, Hair and Body

Citrus Mojito - 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar for Beards, Hair and Body

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SHAMPOO BAR- For Hair and Beards


Our 'poo bar will leave your hair squeaky clean (yes, it will actually feel squeaky clean) and softly conditioned. You'll notice the change immediately. Your hair will start to feel different. But don't worry, that's the feeling of actual clean hair. You'll also notice that it's significantly softer, without the use of extra conditioner.  Enriched with organic oils, butters and botanicals this soap bar will create a creamy, silky lather as you massage scalp and hair.

Ditch the plastic bottle clutter, simplify, & feel good about using natural, pure organic ingredients on your head, hair, and body. It has a refreshing light herbaceous, citrus scent and will effectively cleanse the whole body including hair without disturbing its natural balance. 

  • Balances an oily scalp 
  • Conditions and improves shine 
  • Detangles, increases hydration and repairs damaged hair

Shampoo bars are an excellent way to reduce your waste and plastic use and they can even be used on colour treated hair.

Ingredients - distilled water - saponified oils (unrefined coconut oil*, extra virgin olive*, grape seed*, tallow), therapeutic grade essential oils of bergamot*, lemon*, mint*, basil*



How to use wash your hair

Use a washcloth to wash your hair. Rub the washcloth over the soap ten times, then rub the top and each side of your head three times in a circular movement. This will give you enough soap to perfectly wash your hair.

This is a natural product, so consider rinsing your hair with an abundance of water to ensure it is not too greasy.  About that, if you use industrial shampoo before switching to our soap, you should be aware that your hair will appear greasy for a few weeks. This is a normal transition, because your hair has gotten used to the silicone contained in your regular shampoo. It therefore takes a little while before your hair gets used to the absence of silicone and starts absorbing the glycerine.

Why use shampoo bars? They are natural, gentle, environmentally friendly, cost effective and convenient. Customers tell us that switching to shampoo bars helps increase volume and shine and reduce shedding, dandruff, and frizz.


Product Notes: all soap bars are phthalate, nitro musk, SLES, SLS, artificial detergent, silicone, preservative, and palm oil free!  Since it is our commitment to our customers to use only natural ingredients, we only use 100% pure essential oils to scent our products  Our soaps are designed to be unscented or mildly scented. 

Our packaging is minimalist, recycled, and as  environmentally friendly as possible. By not individually wrapping our soaps, we are saving one time use packaging from ending up in landfills.  Our soaps are high in glycerine, which is very moisturizing for your skin but does attract water, please store you handmade soap bar in a well-draining dish to insure a long shelf life. Due to the hand-cut/handmade nature of the bars, sizes and colours may vary slightly.