Baxter’s Bubbles

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Inspired by our friend's 'miniature' sheepadoodle Baxter, this natural dog shampoo bar brings our clean cut philosophy in the canine realm. Solid shampoo bars are set naturally and do not require artificial stabilizers or preservatives to keep it from rotting, unlike modern commercial liquid shampoos that are packed with nasty chemicals - yuck!

This bar is a combination of organic oils and butters to help clean and moisturize your dog's sensitive skin and hair as well as therapeutic grade essential oils to help reduce the winter itch.  Revive the shine on your dog's coat and ditch the chemicals.  Your pooch will smell amazing and might even look forward to bath time!

  • Safe ingredients
  • Lathers well
  • Conditions and smooths coat

Ingredients - distilled water, saponified oils (unrefined coconut*, neem, extra virgin olive*, tallow, castor*), gf stone ground oats, therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender*, tea tree*, eucalyptus*, bergamot*, citronella* peppermint* rosemary*



We have formulated this shampoo bar with natural ingredients so there will be a transitional period that your dog will go through as its coat sheds the chemicals from using commercial synthetic soap.  It may feel fuzzy and wiry for up to 3 weeks this is because Sodium Lauryl Sulphates in commercial soap coats the hair like "plastic" and it will take a couple of washes to completely remove these nasty chemicals from your dogs coat.  But don't worry because in no time your dogs fur will become soft and healthy and you will be happy knowing that you are no longer using chemicals on your pooch.  

Directions for use: Using a bar of soap to wash your dog is much easier and less messy than using liquid soap. Simply rub the bar on your dog's wet coat to make a rich, creamy lather. Massage the shampoo deep into your dog's coat and rinse thoroughly to prevent dried soapy hair. Rub your pooch down with a clean, dry towel.



Product Notes: all soap bars are phthalate, nitro musk, artificial detergent, silicone, preservative, and palm oil free!  Since it is our commitment to our customers to use only natural ingredients, we only use 100% pure essential oils to scent our products  Our soaps are designed to be unscented or mildly scented. 

Our packaging is minimalist, recycled, and as  environmentally friendly as possible. By not individually wrapping our soaps, we are saving one time use packaging from ending up in landfills.  Our soaps are high in glycerine, which is very moisturizing for your skin but does attract water, please store you handmade soap bar in a well-draining dish to insure a long shelf life. Due to the hand-cut/handmade nature of the bars, sizes and colours may vary slightly.