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B3 Moustache Wax

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Beauty Boy Ben cannot grow a beard. Unfortunately for Beauty Boy Ben a beard was unbearable and bothersome. Bearing this in mind Beauty Boy Ben, not wanting to seem baboonish with a face like a bannock, bore a beard meant for the top of his bachelor lip. Not to be bitter about his lack of beard Beauty a Boy Ben grew bristle on his mouth. Call it bro-stache, mouth-brow, bristle battons, best friend or womb broom, that sh*#t needs to be tamed so as not to tangle with your nose hairs and ruin a perfectly played out punchline.

Moustache Wax is the natural way to tame that "stache" and give it a creative and handsome effect! It's formulated to apply with relative ease while maintaining an agreeable amount of hold and stick - with the help of beeswax and organic tallow.

This is a medium hold training wax that applies smooth and easy. Although it melts down and applies like a paste, it becomes firm in your stache in no time. The organic tallow in this recipe is an amazing mustache moisturizer and combats the damage styling can inflict. Layering will provide additional hold.

Directions for use: A light application combined with a blow dryer and comb through will leave you with a naturally shaped, product-free appearance. 

Screw top lid so no accidental spillage

Generous 30 gram pour which will last for months