Wholesale Enquiries

We are always open to distributors, organic stores, chain stores, pharmacies etc ... to become resellers of our products. 

Civilized Sasquatch Artisan Products is a Canadian based company that specializes in making traditional grooming products.  Our products are manufactured in Kelowna, using natural high quality ingredients.

Why distribute Civilized Sasquatch?

  • Our products are natural
  • We care about our planet and reflect this in the way we run our business by choosing to use recyclable containers and nude packaging options, buying fair trade and only working with other businesses that have the same ethos
  • Our products are fairly priced which allows for good margins by selling a quality product
  • We are a Canadian based company which supports local businesses and charities
  • Our products are made to the highest cosmetic industry standards

 If you are interested then please send us an email at info@civilizedsasquatch.com