What is Soap?

Our soaps are like they used to be back in the day

Artisan soap is real soap. Commercial stuff? Not so much. They don’t even label it as soap. Because it’s not soap. It’s a detergent! Akin to the stuff you put in your dishwasher or washing machine.  Commercial soaps are filled with synthetic lathering chemicals and detergents and pressed into bars after being pumped full of preservatives to ensure they have a shelf life that will survive nuclear fallout. They’re drying, irritate the skin, and leave behind a film that continues to wreak havoc on your skin’s natural ph level.

Our soaps are hot processed using old school recipes and traditional soap making techniques which ensures a hard longer lasting bar that has a luxurious lather and a light natural scent whilst preserving all of the beneficial nutrients from high quality essential oils and herbs.  Our soaps bars last up to 60 days for one person, make sure you rest your soap on a saver and don't let it sit in water and it will last a lot longer.

Our pure, natural soap, made from high quality oils and fats and is fully biodegradable and cares for the planet. It is free from phosphates and synthetic products; it doesn't pollute oceans or rivers, and respects our environment.  Because we care about our environmental footprint we do not individually wrap our soaps which keeps one time use packaging from ending up in landfills.


 Herbal soap not only cleanses your body, it also works to restore skin health!