How To Turn Bar Soap Into Liquid Soap

Turning bar soap into liquid soap is very easy to do.  

Step 1: Gather scraps of old bar soap equal to 4 ounces, which is the weight of a regular bar of soap. You could also use a new bar of soap.

Step 2: Shred the soap using a cheese grater or a potato peeler.

Step 3: Heat the soap pieces in a pot with approximately 8 to 9 cups of water until it melts. Use less water if you want to make a creamy body wash instead of liquid hand soap.

Step 5: Remove melted soap from the heat and let it sit covered for 12 to 24 hours.

Step 6: After the soap thickens overnight, use a whisk or a mixer to blend it together. If it’s too thick or too thin, you can make adjustments and repeat the previous steps as necessary.

Step 7: Transfer to containers for storage. 

* You can also add your own blend of essential oils.