Custom Orders

Planning an event? Are you planning to give a small gift to each guest? Are you looking for a custom product for you barber shop or hairdressers?

Whether you're having a wedding reception, a baby shower, a birthday party, a corporate event, or looking for Christmas stocking stuffers, handmade guest soaps are the perfect gift; everyone uses soap, they look and smell great, are small enough to carry home, and you can impress your guests by showing that you care about their health and the safety of the environment.

We also do custom orders for our beard oil, solid colognes and soaps.  We can design the perfect scent that reflects your brand and you can then use these products in your back bar and sell them to your customers. You can select up to 5 different essential oils and we will add them to our awesome base oils for a blend that is all your own.

We also welcome orders from small hotels, bed & breakfast hosts, and wholesalers. Please send us a message.

Our soaps take at least 4 weeks to produce and if you need a large quantity please contact us at least 5-6 weeks in advance.

Contact us at for more info