3 Uses for our Spendidly Better Beard Balm

  1. Taking Care of Dry, Cracked Skin

The all-natural ingredients that we use in our beard balm are not only awesome for your beard, they also nourishe the skin around it. Growing facial hair is the ultimate expression of manliness, but this fantastic display also acts as a giant filter to your face. Our balm seeks to sanitize and rejuvenate not only the hair on your face, but also the skin underneath it it. Applying a small amount each day will counteract the negative effects of the aggressive lifestyle you chose to live, whether it's from bathing in Varsol all day or standing too close to a gravel pit tire fire.

  1. Conditioning Beard Mask

Know what a beard mask is? Chances are your missus tried to give you a face-mask one time after a camping adventure with too many Twisted Teas and your face was all broken out and shitty. You may have said yes or fuck no, while choosing to never admit it to anyone despite your answer at the time. A beard mask acts similarly in that it conditions and softens your facial hair, removing grit and shame and replacing it with vitamins and nutrients vital to strong hair. Apply a liberal amount for several hours or overnight, then shower off. Nice and simple. 

  1. Getting Ole Man Eyebrows?

Ok, so this is a category designed for men like myself. I did not believe this to be a problem until recently, when a barber offered to shave my eyebrows to 'calm them down.' He also shaved my ears that day so maybe this is really just an indication of where it's all going. The shea butter and beeswax in our recipe makes an ideal 'stay the f@%* in place' balm for those unruly brows.