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Solid Cologne

Complimenting our rocking line of beard oils is our unique line of natural solid colognes.
Cologne is a personal product, meant only to be enjoyed by those truly wrapped up in your personal space. Designed with natural botanicals and organic beeswax, our colognes are not meant to chemically cover up your man musk, instead they are intended to compliment and amplify your existing natural soiree.  Easily portable for when you need an extra kick of sass once the cologne is applied to the skin the scent will last for up to 2 hours.  We have crafted three natural scents to compliment our line of beard oils Burnt Pine and Whiskey, Old Fashioned and Spiced Rum.
Each batch of solid cologne is infused with organic botanicals like bay leaf, cinnamon bark and orange rind. These earthy scents will complement even the most rugged of gentleman.


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