Pre Shave Oil

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Pre Shave Oil

A blend of hydrating botanicals formulated to provide a super thin layer of lubrication to enhance glide, prevent razor burn and give you the smoothest shave you have ever had! Organic rosemary oil plumps the hair to ensure a close shave and plantain soothes redness and moisturizes the skin.  Apply to skin before lathering up with our Axed shave soap. 


  • Free from artificial fragrances, alcohol and parabens
  • Protects skin, enhances glide, and reduces irritation
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients 
  • Vegan Friendly

Ingredients - cold pressed olive oil*, grape seed oil, castor oil*, camellia seed oil*, rosemary essential oil*, plantain leaf*



Directions for use

For best results, massage a small amount into warm, freshly washed skin. Then lather up with our great Axed Shave Soap and shave as you normally would


Our pre shave oil comes in glass amber bottles in order to keep light out of the product, which can turn oils rancid quickly, store your oil in a cool dark place and use within 8 months like any other cosmetics.