Beard Oil

Beard Oil for the treatment of unruly facial hairs

What's manlier than growing a wicked-ass beard that shames all that fall into it's shade?  Taming that sh*t and conditioning it with our natural line of beard oils. Pull the Squatch into the modern world and prevent your beard from consuming your face with our uncompromising ingredients and unique scents. You've spent the testosterone growing the beast, now rein it in.  With 3 unique scents to choose from there is a Civilized Sasquatch Beard Oil for everyone.  Our Beard Oils are made with the highest quality organic oils and botanicals that we can get our hands on.  These blends are perfect for any man who aims to strengthen and soften whilst combating itch and irritation.  


Why should you use beard oil?

Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath. Our premium organic, cold pressed oil blend, will keep your beard and face from becoming dry and itchy, prevent dandruff, give a subtle shine to your beard, and help you smell fantastic without leaving any heaviness or oiliness on your skin. Includes a dropper to ensure you get consistent application each and every time.  If you have a longer beard then we recommend pairing our beard oils with our beard balm to moisturize and strengthen your beard.

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