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Artisan Soap

Getting greasy working on the truck. Driving in dirt from work in the yard. Feeling shameful from waking up on the ground after a wedding in a field party next to a burning trailer. Scrub off the grime with our purpose built soap bars. Ranging from soft and moisturizing to gritty and aggressive, there is a soap to match the way you work and the negative life choices you make after work.

Our soaps are hot processed using old school recipes and traditional soap making techniques which ensures a hard longer lasting bar that has a luxurious lather and a light natural scent whilst preserving all of the beneficial nutrients from essential oils and herbs.  Our soaps bars last up to 60 days for one person, make sure you rest your soap on a saver and don't let it sit in water.  

Are you actually buying soap?
Natural soap goes through a chemical reaction called saponification. Saponification is an exothermic chemical reaction that occurs when fats or oils come into contact with lye. Saponification literally means “turning into soap”. The by-products of the saponification reaction are glycerin and soap. Because glycerin is created naturally and retained naturally in the bar it helps hydrate and moisturize your skin. This is not something that happens with commercial cheap soap that is laden with SLS and chemicals that is bad for your skin and makes it dry and tight. Natural soap is more expensive but it’s better for your body and the environment.  Read more about transitioning to natural products on our Blog.

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