Transitioning To Natural Products

The (sometimes) Disgusting Transition to Using Natural Products

Just a few thoughts on our path towards an all-natural way of life. Moving from synthetic cosmetic products is a bit of a journey for yourself and your body. All the chemical shit that is put into these products creates reactions from your body to protect itself from absorbing all the cheap chemical laden junk that they use. You are essentially fooled with clever marketing and pretty pictures into believing that what you are putting on your body is good for you. This might be true about one of the ingredients on the label, but what about the other fifty and the ones that are not listed? It’s like calling gummy bears fruit because at one point fructose was derived from fruit but alas through horrid food manufacturing there’s no beneficial nutrients left in it at all.

Changing over from synthetic to natural products is a lot like quitting smoking. It fucking sucks for the first little while. I have recently changed over to my own recipe of natural deodorant, and I can honestly say that I stunk like an old man on a moonshine bender for weeks as my body pushed out all of the toxins and synthetic chemicals that were stock piling in my body because my deodorant was clogging my pores with horrible antiperspirant chemicals. Luckily the stench did not last and after about 3 weeks my armpits were smelling sweeter than a freshly washed baby’s bottom with the added bonus of knowing that my armpits were now able to do what they were designed for.

Sodium laureth sulfate is a nasty product that is used in commercials soaps. It is harsh, stripping the skin of necessary moisture and causing rashes and scaly skin. If you have dermatitis or certain other skin conditions, SLES may make things worse. And then there are all the other chemicals present in modern hand soaps and body washes that you do not want to put on your body.

Switching to real soap may provide relief to some people with sensitive skin. But it's more than that — soap making is an art, and good soap can be an eco-friendly and relatively inexpensive luxury.

The natural, pure products that we use in our products will work with your body’s chemistry to enhance your inner awesomeness, not covering it with the weird chemical mayonnaise of products that most of us unconsciously put onto our bodies. Our soap is created naturally, retaining the vital glycerin that will hydrate and strengthen skin making it look and feel healthier. You might have what you consider negative effects for a temporary time. But look deeper into what you put on and in your body. To do so makes sense in more ways than I can list. And mostly don’t let money-fucked-gluttonous accountants and executive boardroom dicks decide what you put onto your body just because they want to make a quick buck!