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Our Musings on Markets


       Markets are a funny fucker of a beast. They’re testing grounds for your skill, patience, and stamina. One goes on an emotional rollercoaster from well before the market starts to well after it ends. You begin as always in your house, super enthusiastic that the love and effort you have put into your company will be well received and profitable. Markets then start, sometimes with a roaring bang, but more typically with the slow sound of a gaggle of strollers and walkers grazing against each other like the slowest fucking round of bumper cars you’ve ever witnessed. This is followed by seething crowds panic buying like the zombie apocalypse is coming, and somehow stocking up on beard balm will save humanity. Wave in, wave out, wave in, wave out, and so on. Things progress from there, drawing the curious and crass, with questions ranging from the honest ‘Did you make this?’, to the utterly confusing ‘My sister in Saskatoon makes soap, is this like that?’.

        This is where your stamina and patience come in. Instead of falling into the natural reaction of raging and lamenting about the human condition, one conveys the fake smile and attitude typically only known to career servers at the end of August long weekend. I have taken these opportunities to teach myself patience and to calm the fuck down, something I have been terrible at my whole life. These markets are not just about making money, they are about establishing our company’s mission, educating the public, and to make the wholesome personal connections that we believe are the backbone to every community.


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